Frequently Asked Questions

What does a psychologist do?

Generally, registered psychologists provide assessment and therapy to clients in order to help facilitate positive change.

Psychologists use evidence based techniques to help the client move towards their emotional goals and to help address mental health concerns the client may have.  

What is YourSpace Psychology?

YourSpace Psychology is a completely online service created to give easy and affordable access to clients. General services can include the provision of counselling, evidence based psychological therapies and focused psychological strategies. All strategies are employed to assist you to achieve your goals. Specialty areas include anxiety, depression, substance use and criminal justice.

How much will it cost me?

All counselling sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $130.

The current rebate/subsidy you will receive for telehealth sessions under a Mental Health Care Plan is $88.25

Does YourSpace Psychology offer face to face appointments.

No, YourSpace Psychology is a purely online platform.  

Who can use YourSpace Psychology?

Anyone with internet access and a device can access YourSpace psychology.

It is usually accessed by people who are seeking some form of mental support or who are wishing to function better emotionally.

Do you accept Private Health Insurance?

The monetary amount of the rebate will vary between insurer. You will be issued with a tax invoice which can be taken to your private health insurer to obtain the rebate.

What if I wish to stop seeing the Psychologist?

Sometimes a connection is not reached between client and therapist, at no fault of either person. That is ok and can happen from time to time. Please just discuss your concerns with your psychologist and they will endeavour to refer you to another psychologist who may be a better fit for your current needs.

How does the medicare rebate work with a Mental Health Care Plan?

After you gain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your General Practitioner (GP) you are able to make a booking with YourSpace Psychology and receive the rebate.

Please discuss with your psychologist the best way to claim the rebate this can depend on payment method.  

How is my privacy protected?

Privacy is one of the top priority at YourSpace psychology. It is of utmost importance that your records are kept secure and also that you feel it is a safe online space to be sharing personal information.

YourSpace complies with the Privacy Act 1988(Cth) and the Australian privacy principles.

A clients personal information will remain confidential UNLESS it is subpoenaed by a court, or disclosure is otherwise required or authorized by law or it is believed by the YourSpace psychologist that failure to disclose the information would place the client or other person at serious risk to life health or safety.

The psychologist will always gain consent before any personal details or documents are ever shared with any third party (unless for the caveats noted above). If consent is not granted no information will be shared.