Our primary goal is to provide support for you via Counselling and validated Psychological Therapies.

We want to help you to live the best life you can - Below are some of the areas in which we specialise.


Anxious feelings can affect people at different stages of their life and can range from mild manageable feelings of uncomfort to debilitating states of panic.  The scenarios in which people feel anxious are very broad but they constitute the most common group of mental health disorders. Anxiety can be treated using psychotherapy and focused psychological strategies.

Symptoms of Anxiety can include but are not limited to: Feeling nervous, anxious or on edge, being easily annoyed, being irritable often having trouble relaxing, and having feelings of dread like something awful might happen

It is important to note that most people feel these things at one point or another, it becomes a problem when it is very often and interfering with every day life.


Depression is a complex mood disorder involving biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors. Lots of things can bring on depression including faulty mood regulation by the brain, the occurrence of stressful life events, medical conditions, and some medications.

Symptoms can include but are not limited to: Persistent feelings of sadness or emptiness, persistent loss of interest in normal positive activities, decreased concentration, becoming withdrawn from friends or family, suicidal thoughts, being upset for no reason, low energy, and feeling fatigued for no reason.

Substance Use

People's experience of substance use issues may vary in severity from a mild dependence to a chronic disorder that can last for many years. In general however, with extra support and treatment, the longevity of the symptoms can be reduced and they can reduce the negative outcomes associated with dependence at a quicker rate.

Substance use problems are often complicatedand multifaceted and treatment can depend on the severity of their dependence, type of substance, environmental considerations, and presence of other co-morbid health concerns.

Treatment of substance use issues usually  take a holistic approach specific to the individual’s needs which could include combinations of psychotherapy and medications along with social support.

Criminal Justice

Sometime people have fallen on hard times, have gone through or are going through stages in their life they wish to move past. Sometimes due to a wide range of reasons there is criminal justice involvement. This may mean experiences in prison, interactions with police or being charged and going through the Court system. It may just be that people are wishing to make changes which can help them to integrate back into the community.

The principal psychologist at YourSpace has worked within the criminal system and understands the processes intimately. They have experiencing working with people who have been exposed to the system and are needing to navigate it. Further they have an understanding of the unique pressures and needs of people who may be dealing with ongoing court matters or stigmas arising from a chequered history of offending behaviours. There is no judgment here only unconditional positive regard and support to help the person achieve their prosocial goals.